Silk Vs Real Wedding Flowers

silk wedding arches

We often get asked, “Do you offer silk flowers?”. The answer is yes! Take a look at this blog to see when and why you should use silk flowers for your event.

Choosing between silk/faux flowers and real flowers for a event depends on various factors such as budget, availability, colour, and personal preference.

Real flowers have the advantage of natural beauty, fragrance (if desired), and authenticity. Fresh flowers can offer a breath of fresh air for your event using gestural blooms that can dance in the breeze creating a light, romantic atmosphere. They also offer natural color variations and shades, providing an authentic and vibrant look. If you are a flower lover, have of specific flower varieties in mind or would like your event to feel authentically you, real flowers might be the way to go.

On the other hand, silk flowers offer several advantages. They are available in a wide range of colors (both natural and unnatural), are very durable/long lasting and reusability. With the wide range of colors, you may have more control over the exact shade and tone giving you the flexibility to match the flowers to your event theme or other decor. If you have a specific color palette in mind that’s crucial for your wedding vision, silk flowers might offer more consistency and customization options. Additionally, silk flowers can be kept as keepsakes or reused for other occasions after the event. We do offer silk flower rentals as well which has its own advantages as well.

The big question about silk vs real! Is it more cost effective to choose silk? In short, it depends on why you want to use them in the first place. Here’s the long answer:

  1. Initial Cost: Generally silk flowers are often considered more budget-friendly upfront compared to real flowers. When it comes to event flowers, it’s important to consider the quality of silks. High-quality silk flowers, especially those intricately designed or crafted to mimic real blooms are often priced higher than fresh flower varieties. Yes, there are cheap silk flowers out there but I wouldn’t recommend using these for important events like your wedding. The best comparison I have for you would be Dollar Store vs Michael’s. The look goes hand-in-hand with the price point.
  2. Season and Availability: Real flowers’ cost can vary depending on their availability and whether they’re in season. Exotic or out-of-season blooms may be more expensive. In contrast, silk flowers are available year-round and can be sourced easily, offering consistency in pricing regardless of seasonal fluctuations. If you absolutely love sunflowers and your getting married in November, lets use silk ones so that we can still make your dreams come true!
  3. Durability and Longevity: Silk flowers have the advantage of durability and longevity over real flowers. This is partially why the initial cost is more expensive. They last longer; therefore, they are worth more. Orchids in a boutonniere would be a great example of when you would want to opt fir silk.
  4. Design Size: A few silk flowers here and there wont impact your budget too much however a large installation designed with only silks will. These types of design are often rented to help offer some extra flexibility with budget.


Ultimately, the decision between silk and real flowers comes down to personal preference, budget, and the specific needs of the event. Some may opt for the authenticity and natural beauty of real flowers, while others may prefer the convenience  and longevity of silk flowers.

Photo credit: Bemiro Photography