Wedding & Event Florals

HLFD uses fresh, dried and faux florals to create arrangements and installations for weddings and events. We pride ourselves on listening carefully to your needs to execute a thoughtful creative work of art through flowers. You name it and we can make it!

About us

Hailly is a creator who delights in bringing beauty to life, whether through floral designs, artworks, or home renovations. At HLFD, she applies her passion to your event florals, transforming your inspiration into custom, enchanting creations.

Her interests span a wide range, including a fondness for New York City, the elegance of Art Nouveau architecture, the allure of Romantic landscapes and sublime paintings, as well as natural and organic floral designs. She has a penchant for modernizing 60s interior design styles and cherishes time spent with her family.

With a background in fine art and design, Hailly offers a distinctive approach to floral design. Her focus extends beyond individual floral pieces to encompass the overall ambiance of your space, including vibes and other décor accents. This holistic approach ensures that your event is not only cohesive but also spectacular.

Covid-19 Procedure

Covid-19 has made a huge impact on the wedding industry and you have been forced to make changes to your plans. No problem! here to help. Our goal is to help make things a little easier by providing a smooth transition to your new date.

Things we are doing:

  • Schedule Flexibility: When it comes to rescheduling your date, we are doing everything we can to make your new selected date work so that we can still offer you the services you booked.
  • Payment Flexibility: When you reschedule your event, your payment schedule also gets revised to allow for a longer payment process.
  • Unlimited Revisions: Covid-19 restrictions are constantly changing and we understand that you are making changes non-stop to abide by those restrictions. We provide unlimited revisions if your date, location, number of guests and more changes.
  • Contactless Pick Up: If you have a pick up for your flowers, we make sure that everyone can stay safe by keeping a 6 ft distance.
  • Masked and Sanitized Deliveries/Set Up: All persons delivering will be wearing a mask and have used sanitizer upon arrival. During a set up, masks will be worn at all times.

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Let’s be friends

Be the first to know about sales and special discounts