A step away from traditional floral design, bringing the outside in

HLFD Wedding photo shoot
hailly lucas hlfd
Hailly – Owner HLFD

The flower industry is always changing with yearly trends in style, colour, and new design approaches popping up all the time.

As a wedding and event home studio florist I am often exposed to these trends. I took some time during the past winter months to think about an explorative project to showcase something new. To show that there are other creative ways to bring your events to the next level.

I want to take a second to talk a little bit about immersive spaces. Recently, one of our team members and I got into a discussion about art. She asked me what art I like and if there are any specific artists that stood out to me. Fine art has always been a big passion for me and continues to be an influence as a creative.

I began thinking & talking about immersive spaces that can transform a room and bring you to a new destination. In the art world, these spaces often evoke new thought, feeling, expression, realization, emotion and more, if it’s done well. This is what I find inspiring!

Back to my winter exploration. I find that there are two types of people, the ones who don’t mind the cold, who love to play in the snow or continue to go for nature walks in negative degree weather. The second type are the ones who hate the cold and hibernate all winter only going out when necessary. I’m the latter, I really don’t like the cold leaving me with ample amount of window gazing opportunities.

It was the ugly part of winter, there was no snow on the ground, the branches were naked, the fall leaves were ground up and mixed into the mud and small bits of broken debris was everywhere. It was brown and dirty but I could still see our grass, the sky was grey and I could just tell it was cold from the comfort of inside.

I thought about how I could utilize this scene for someone’s special day. Not everyone sees the beauty in the winter landscape, especially not the ugly city winter landscape. If only I could find a way to bring this scene inside a space, dress it up a little more, perhaps reorganize it and create an immersive experience. I knew it could be done with any season, any landscape. Maybe I could take you anywhere. So, I was left with the question, how could I bring the outdoors in and still make it feel like a wedding?

Photo credit: Ariana Del Mundo, Model: Breann Alexandra White, Photo Studio: Studio Verde