Flower Subscriptions

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

How it works: Purchase a subscription on a weekly or monthly basis. We will contact you and provide you with an invoice. Upon payment deliveries will start on the first Wednesday following your selected start date. Pick ups will be coordinated via phone or email and scheduled in advance. Minimum of 4 orders required.

If you are interested in large scale design please contact us to set up a consult at info@haillylucas.com.

To cancel your subscription, please see the cancellation policy.



Bouquets above are examples only, all arrangements are designers choice and seasonal.

Cancellation Policy

Once your subscription is placed, you will receive an ongoing arrangement until the subscription is cancelled. A minimum of 4 orders must be purchased.

If you wish to cancel your subscription you must notify us a week prior to your final delivery/pickup date.

If you wish to put a hold on your subscription you must give us a 36-hour notice to ensure that we do not create an arrangement. For example if you will be away or your business will be closed. Your orders will resume for the following week or month unless stated otherwise.