Flower Art

Please contact for commission work.

I pretty much love everything flowers. I love blending the lines between beauty and art, between sculpture and arrangement. My artistry brings knowledge from all different parts of my life.

I come from a fine art sculpture background that has taught me how to think like a creator and has also taught me how to build.

I am not quick to back down from a challenge. Figuring out a way to make anything possible is part of the thrill of creating. Letting ideas develop on top of other ideas has led to some of my more beautiful art works with flowers.

This series (Abstract 3-Dimensional Landscape Paintings) of my sculpture work combines my interests in creating or building and floral design. These paintings are a variety of dried botanical materials of different colours, textures and sizes gathered from the landscape.

It combines traditional methods of art display to create an abstracted image of a historically painted landscape. This work primarily sets itself back in time to the late 18th century to the early 19th century. This body of work focuses on the beauty and sublime of nature, dried or fresh, dead or alive.

These landscape paintings can be completely customized to your liking using specific colours and framing to suite that perfect wall in your home, office or studio.

Please contact me for custom pieces and any of your flower design ideas.